What is Flying Dutchman? – The philosophy behind the brand

There is  a question we come across every day, one that  new guests ponder between sips and bites,  What or  who is Flying Dutchman? Our answer to them wouldn’t be absolute because the truth lies in the eye and the heart of the beholder.

In fact,  you must first  ask yourself what you think Flying Dutchman is and how you feel sitting here.  Only then will you be able to find the true answer. 
There is no place or ship that can change who we truly are.  From the captain, to the officers and crew, each can tell a story to help you uncover the mystery of Flying Dutchman.   What we will tell is what it is and isn’t to us.  

Foremost, Flying Dutchman is not the ghost ship that sails the high seas filled with sad souls whose messages never reach anyone.   The messages we send reach old and new friends alike. We have no final destination; we sail in search of perfection and friendship.  To us, happiness is a journey not a destination.  So, choose your order carefully because on our deck you will feel as though you were in New York, Rotterdam or Venice.

Flying Dutchman is not a drunken sailor’s tale.  We are real and have been anchored on Novi Sad’s greatest boulevard for three decades where many returning and faithful guests  have boarded. 

However, there are some tales we do relate to. We see our ship as one that can float, fly, and send light signals into the dark open sea to show passengers that they are always welcome.  Like the mythological ship, our Flying Dutchman is the fastest and the most trustworthy in its fleet.  It is made of solid, high quality materials and is filled with the most experienced sailors and the freshest food.

We are not lost, confused or uncertain of our destination. 
We just want a never ending journey.

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