We've witnessed  drastic changes in the food industry around us, where bistros aren't just a place  guests can enjoy  a drink, music, or pleasant ambient but experience tasteful and skillfully prepared  food as well.

For many in the food industry these things are sometimes too difficult to achieve because they lack vision, inspiration or  they simply can't meet the required catering standards.

Flying Dutchman on the other hand wouldn't have evolved into such a city icon or become a synonym for the best bistro if it didn't possess all of the above. To us,  quality customer service isn't only an obligation, it's our pleasure. As an old proverb says, "Your body is your temple" and that's exactly how we intend to treat it. We know that a satisfied guest is a happy guest.

Our brand stands for nothing but the best, and this is clearly seen in our extraordinary menu, one that is unique in Serbia. 

Nowadays having a few famous brands on your menu just isn't enough. Today, successful caters above all must offer fresh and healthy food along with a menu capable of fulfilling any special requirements a guest may have. 
For example, have you ever been out "just for a drink", looked over at someone's food and wanted to order but when you read the menu  there was nothing on it because you are vegan, vegetarian,  fasting or allergic? You can be sure this won't happen at Flying Dutchman  because our crew will tailor make your meal. True gourmets as "passengers" on our deck can take part in creating their dish by personally choosing from the displayed ingredients to how the dish is cooked.

Also, we offer some specialties that will tickle the senses of even the most adventurous guest. Like no other place in Serbia, here you can enjoy, Dutchman pie, New York Style Cheesecake, Stroopwafle and other delicacies from Holland. In all honesty, we didn't invent these delicacies we just envisioned how our guest would enjoy them.

Even though our equipment is hi tech we still offer a home style feel and taste . Need convincing? Come and see for yourself. Try one of our homemade soups on a cold winter day and we are sure you'll be back for more wanting to take it one step further by adding your own personal touch. Let's face it, we all know that the true enjoyment of food isn't a matter of how thick your wallet is.  It's the imagination of the actual order and the willingness to serve it.
Thoughout the year, Flying Dutchman prepares and packages  food To Go, whether it is what your couldn't finish, in house orders or delivery.

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