A good brand, personnel, philosophy, service and menu is only half of a successful business. The other half,  in our case, is our guests without whom the other half would sink deep into the ocean like disobedient sailors of the mythical Flying Dutchman. A business isn't successful because of the food, drinks or earnings but rather it is the people who spend their precious time there, time dedicated to themselves or loved ones that make it successful.

It would be boastful to name famous regulars and too sad to mention those who are with us only in memory. Everyone is treated equally because our life and business philosophy doesn’t exclude anyone. Tradesmen, tailors, bakers, lawyers, doctors and ministers feel at home because we don't discriminate.
All our guests receive quality customer service, with out discrimination. There is and will always be room for cheerful and positive people on our deck.
Privileged or disadvantaged is non-existent; you will only find people who want to be treated as people. 

Having affordable prices is easy but treating everyone equally isn’t. This is what separates passing trends from tradition and even after three decades, we haven't taken this virtue for granted.  Every guest is a new challenge and opportunity, regardless of their background or social status.

Flying Dutchman’s regard for others is clearly visible in every part of our business and service.  The demographic and social diversity of our friends like any good ship proves that we still hold true to values and not passing fads. Therefore, amongst other things, guests return for a journey on the Flying Dutchman as a fulfillment of basic human needs.  Our guests climb aboard time and time again, no matter how dark and merciless the sea may be.

Flying Dutchman wouldn’t be so iconic if it wasn’t for the numerous urban legends that followed it. What happens in Flying Dutchman stays in Flying Dutchman whether indoors or under one of the three linden tress.

Long ago, in 1987 soon after we opened, a group of young locals humorously nicknamed us 'La Mirages' after the prestigious club where the characters of Dynasty often visited after tennis.

However, that’s not all!  Atheist Rap, a very popular band from Novi Sad mentions us in their 1993 hit ‘Blue Trabant’. 


We doubt it.

Come and see for yourself!

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