Flying Dutchman – What, Where, When and Why

Flying Dutchman is a special place on Novi Sad’s biggest boulevard which in time has literally become a city brand known not only locally but throughout Serbia. Since 1987, we’ve continued to offer our guests, no matter where they were from, an unforgettable experience. 

We are the perfect blend of fresh ideas and experience. Our positive attitude and the youthful spirit of our customers are unlike any thing else  in the city. 
To us, your coffee, freshly squeezed juice, high quality wine or cocktail is more than a simple service. We take what we do seriously and it shows, even after decades.
Having affordable prices and probably the best coffee in Novi Sad would mean nothing if it couldn’t be enjoyed in an authentic and welcoming atmosphere. Our music and lighting faithfully follows the time of day and season so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.
We at Flying Dutchman have paid special attention to all details so that when you sit back into your chair your senses set off on a never ending journey. 

Where you sit is your choice. You might choose to sit in the newly renovated ‘white section’. It boasts of modern design yet it casually blends into the existing architecture, interior design and most importantly, our business philosophy. Alternatively you might sit in the section where we stayed true to our roots. The interior in this section has been kept in its original state, as it was three decades ago.  

Our navigation unlike sailors' of the past is guided by an advanced system through tablets .  Orders are taken and served quickly and efficiently.
In addition to quality customer service and our interior we also possess one of the prettiest and largest patios in Novi Sad.  Our patio is situated under three large linden trees which give shade during the hot summer months and fill the air from May to June with a scent sweet enough to inspire great poets. Together, the patio and linden trees of Flying Dutchman are without a doubt a city landmark.

Our brand is famous for its pleasant surprises. Through the magic of artists and craftsmen customers  can experience a  3D illusion.  The illusion of being on a sail boat will make each moment spent in Flying Dutchman truly unique.

Like all great businesses we strive to have the highest possible standards. Flying Dutchman's HACCP certificate guarantees  that each step of the processing, preparation and service of food and drink is carried out correctly and safely. You've experience quality service in London and Paris, now it's time to experience it in Novi Sad.

We except cash, debit and credit cards on our 'ship'.
Our staff will be more than happy to package what you were not  able to finish or prepare your order to go.
In addition, we also have a delivery service for those who want to enjoy our food, drinks or even coffee at home.

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