Flying Dutchman is a brand  aware of the importance of coffee and its drinking ritual in our culture.  Every caterer from Horgos to Dragas will tell you how important coffee is to them and how valuable and faithful its adores are.
However, it takes more than a good manager and a pleasant waiter to brew a true cup of coffee.     Our coffee is a mystery that follows a fascinating ship, one whose name we bear and whose story we unfold.  The secret to our coffee (probably the best coffee in Novi Sad) is that there is no secret!
High quality brands such as Lavazza are the starting point to the cup in your hand .  Coffee is carefully selected, well stored, ground and prepared to perfection by state of the art equipment.  It might sound silly but not only do we have the best coffee makers,  we also have the perfect water!

Thanks to a discreet  water treatment process that transforms hard or soft water to its ideal level our customers have a rare opportunity to experience the true aroma and flavor of coffee.  This process was invented  by world renowned coffee manufactures and because of  modern coffee machines only the best is extracted from the bean.  
Have a cup of coffee at Flying Dutchman and experience its true taste for the first time.  

For our 'endless travelers' , those who live face paced lives and are often denied the pleasures that come with sipping a hot cup of coffee in a warm and relaxing setting, their morning or daily coffee when prepared to go will be just as pleasurable .
Forget about the bland pastries and expensive bills you previously got while out with loved ones.  Our menu of delicious food, freshly squeezed juices and competitive prices will definitely have you coming back time and time again.

If and when you are alone, you can enjoy your coffee  with your favourite daily newspapers, weeklies, theme based magazines or surf the net in our fast and free WiFi zone.  Better yet, meet some of our regulars or get creative and invent a fruit juice, one that you have never been offered with coffee before.

We will make it  together with pleasure.  

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